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Lets talk about reality .. Data Science reality here !!!

Finally on 15/Aug/2020 I added another feather to my professional cap : AI & ML course

I am hard core Oracle database person since 1999 . AI & ML caught my attention 1.5 years ago. I wanted to remain in technical job for next 20 years & continuing only with oracle was not sounding very feasible & career switch was the idea I came up with to achieve my surviving goal.

AI & ML journey has not been very easy. Data Science concepts, theory , explanations, black-box designs & my mind’s acknowledgment & registration for data world was nightmare for initial 3 months. Slowly I adopted my course & my course adopted me :-)

Career switch was the only genuine reason when I initiated the course, but later I realized I am in love with ML & CV (computer vision). NLP is equally good too. And when you are in love you don’t really bother about practical implications. Practical Implications means your readiness for job hunt. All assignments & projects were completed with flying colors. High scores & my dedication & my mentor’s feedback created the confidence that course is sufficient enough to entitle for a job.

With great training institute name printed on my certificate I was sure that I will get good placement (campus placement was what promised when I enrolled for the course), but COVID 19 has literally changed all equations of life :-(

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Practical Face off after theory sessions

Job hunt with ZERO experience in AI & ML is a big nightmare.

As we calculate LOSS in our ML models : Prediction minus Ground Truth same ways ground truth for 21st century sexiest job (Data Science) is an illusion.

Oracle ==> Understand ,deploy & support Technical stuff

Data Science ==> Understand, deploy & support Technical stuff + Derive statistics , inference , predictions, trends & not very obvious info + Create story out of excel sheet & blockbuster out a project !!!!

To materialize my love for ML & AI I came with this idea to start a sincere blog wherein I will publish new ML / CV concept every week to digitally prove my understanding . This way I will be able to remain in touch with my sweetheart ( CV & ML) plus might get picked by Data Science employers . Amen.



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